To Forge A Kingdom

Excerpt from Tellens journal

I had the dream again, the terrible fire, the screaming, and that unholy noise. There doesn’t seem to be enough alcohol around to put me out deep enough to stop the dreams from coming anymore. What’s worse I can’t seem to escape either. In the past enough drink would spirit me away to new places and new adventures, but now I just wake alone in my chambers with that horrible noise ringing in my ears, the smell of burning flesh in my lungs. I may be that I am here to do Cayden’s will, or maybe this is my punishment for an unknown transgression, I will see it to the end either way.

Something evil is brewing in these lands, a putrid bile churning in its heart. The others laugh and giggle about what I tell them, tell me I’ve drank to much, they’ll learn soon enough. Even Simbala with her powerful sight seems to have been blinded by the forces at work here. I will be strong though, I must, for all of them. The day will come when I will face the true horrors this land has to give, and I will not falter. Until then I will continue to drink, to try and stop the horrible sounds in my head. The horrible bleating.



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