To Forge A Kingdom

Stolen Lands - 1 - Greta

First entry
This has turned out to be as intriguing as Twix had suspected. I wish she’d been here to share the experience, but perhaps I our paths will cross again and I can catch her up with these log entries.

It happened again. We were on our way to the assignment when the carriage was attacked by would be kidnappers. I was certain it was a test of my abilities so I intended to make an impression.

I executed a running long jump over a fountain. My form was still good I think, my landing was square, and it felt great to clear an obstacle again. I intended to grab the attacker by the arm, but a brisk breeze brushed my face and distracted me. The attacker fell over like a toppled statue, his expression as frozen in shock as mine! It was exhausting and the bent cap ached. Sometimes I find that if I just shake my hands the feeling goes away, but this time I shook like a dog just in from outside. Snow from my sleeve fell onto the toppled man, he didn’t even blink. It was disconcerting, but I felt a sense of satisfaction. I think they’ll find my skills useful, though I’ll need to be more aware of these winds.

The snows are retreating, I’m sad about that. I’ve developed a strange comfort in the cold.



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