Adventuresome Half Elf of Iffy Reputation


Wren stands with good posture at full height on most occasions, aside when she’s trying to pull the wool over a target’s eyes. At 5 feet, 10 inches, she is not a formidable or intimidating shadow cast over her enemies, but her frame is overly gaunt. Weighing in at “Oh my goodness will you eat something!” (120lbs), it allows her to disappear into dark corners, the side of walls, and when she turns sideways she all but goes two dimensional.

With long red hair usually worn down (when out socializing), or tucked up in a hat held to her head with pins (when out exploring or expecting a fight), and her bright green eyes, her human side shows through. Her face shape is wholly a human one, but her ears – pointed as they are – show her as a half elf (as does her long and lithe build).

Wren is not her true name, one adopted once she came of age, and her surname changes with convenience of the situation. As for what her real name is, that remains a secret.


In Times Past
Wren’s life originated in an orphanage in Cheliax, which she left as immediately as she could. Being raised among a horde of unwanted half-elven children gives a young girl with wanderlust an itch to be as far away from the Abbey to Asmodeus as possible. Having given the Abbey’s Monks enough headaches, she departed the Monastery at seventeen, packing her meager belongings and setting off to find whatever adventure she could scoop up in her hands.

Along the Way
She amassed quite the cast of characters in her journey across Golarion.

  1. She met Shiv, a formidable partner in vigilante justice in Ustalav
  2. Butted heads constantly with a lout who called himself Marrow
  3. Ran aground performers in Varisia by the name of Hep & Hat who taught her a trick or three
  4. Fell in love briefly with a baker’s cakes in Galt
  5. Learned the art of Aldori swordmanship from a gentleman named Vladim in Restov
  6. Found adventure and a ragtag crew in the Stolen Lands … where our adventure begins (dun dun dun)

Profiling the Charlatan
From a letter by Vladim, her sword instructor in Restov:

“She is quick with a sword, but quicker still with her wit. While she is always willing to negotiate with anyone and anything, her mind (much like she herself) will flip, depending on her own whims. Perhaps she feels like fighting today, or maybe she’s got a frog in her throat. Or maybe, just maybe, negotiation really makes sense here (for no good particular reason).”

“Standing on the rapier’s edge of reason, when she strikes with wit or with weapon, she strikes true. That being said, she is likely a good one to have allied with you, and not against you. Gods help you if you’re on the wrong end of the point, as you’ll get a lashing, one way or another.”


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