A case of Clockwork Orbs

A well made wooden case with a containing 4 odd clockwork spheres.


This aged wooden case was recovered from the accumulated loot of the Thorn River Bandit camp. It is a well made, though old wooden case roughly the size of a shoe box, locked with a small, perhaps ornamental lock. The case is lined with green felt, it’s interior molded to hold in place 4 intricately made clockwork orbs. The orbs are very well crafted, their interworkings a mystrious puzzle and conundrum — by shifting them in your hand, you can feel mechanics within the sphere moving, but there does not seem to be any mechanism by which to make a given sphere open, close, change form, or do anything. Each is unique in its construction and none of them radiate magic.

Professor Heinrich has offered to study them and attmpt to learn what he can — he is hopeful to begun unlocking thier mystery or purpose in the coming weeks.


A case of Clockwork Orbs

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