A history and field guide of the Narlmarches

A History and Field Guide of the Narlmarches by Kotti the Geomancer


This ancient book dates back roughly 6000 years, to a time when the Kellid tribes held sway over this region of Golarion. It is written by a dwarf, Kotti the Geomancer, an apprentice to Nhur Ammon (the wizard who’s home you seem to be plundering).

The book provides a history of the Kellid tribes, their lines of succession, and their allies after an event it refers to as The Gladewars. The history notes various luminaries of Kellid history such as Bold Bridgett, Siggurd Ironhelm, Black Gwynneth, Rebel Dolf, Aea Lightfoot, Kromma the Wretch, Onka Bloodeye, Freya Foehammer, and Gorum Hellmaw. The book’s latter portion is an in depth field guide to the species of animals and plants native to the region at the time of it’s writing. It provides crude maps of the general area, though much of the landscape has changed in the past 6000 years.

Of interesting note, the book’s timeline begins some 3500 years previous to the book’s writing. The book implies that these Gladewars were a catalyst of something it refers to as the ‘Time of Loss’, when much history and learning were lost to the lands.

Special: The use of this book in conjunction with researching the History of the Stolen Lands will convey a +1 to research checks made for the History of the Stolen Lands.

Special: Intense study of the book for one month grants the person studying the book Knowledge Nature as a class skill with 2 points automatically applied. This works only if the person does not have Knowledge Nature as a class skill at start of the study. Doing so prevents the book being used for research during this time. This is a full time activity and cannot be done in conjunction with other activites save kingdom administration.

Note: Taking time to look into the book further, you discover three things that seem of particular interest:

1) This is the first you have heard of The Time of Loss, or The Gladewars.

2) Near the beginning of the history, there is reference to a group of monks who seem to be working with the Kellids, imparting knowledge. They are not named, though described as ‘off’ or ‘strange’.

3) One of the Kellid luminaries listed, Black Gwynneth, stands out. Upon further reflection, you recall that the Elves of the Royal Academy of Kyonin have used a recently retranslated ancient Kellid warchant to pinpoint landmarks in the area around the Green Heartlands, helping them to narrow their search for lost elven ruins. The Warchant is called The Song of Black Gwynneth.

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A history and field guide of the Narlmarches

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