The Jornal of Percy Sparkspriggle

A royal blue binding barely contains this small book.


The journal of Percy Sparkspriggle is a curious book. Found in the satchel next to Percy’s corpse, it is over stuffed with loose scraps of papers, leaves, odd bits of wire and small pouches of dusts, gold leaf, hair, and scraps of what might be treebark.

The fragile book tells the story of Percy’s exploits as a young gnome travelling Golarion and investigating the wonder of the world. Having heard stories of the first world he became obsessed with travelling there and creating a functional atlas of various regions within it’s environs.

The journal becomes peculiar as yo look towards its latter half – it almost seems as if Percy refused to use any book save this one, and has written over his own pages, often many times on the same page making large swaths of the book illegible.

Further study and research would be helpful in unlocking the books deeper secrets.


The Jornal of Percy Sparkspriggle

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