Bright Gwynneth

A Final Blade from Galt

Bright Gwynneth gets her name from the gleaming edge on this Mystic Guillotine currently being put to use in the eastern countrysides of Galt. In the presence of light, the blade seems to shine with a bitter and cruel gleam. In sunlight the reflected light can be nearly blinding, yet by moon or starlight she also glimmers more bright and hungry.

Final Blades are the means by which the mob enacts it’s final justice in Galt. They are sinister tools of execution laden with powerful magics that prevent those brought before them from passing into an afterlife. They also permanently prohibit any sort of necromantic or healing magic to be further worked upon their victims. It is said that through enacting justice, the Final Blade is fed, consuming the soul of her victims. Because of this, the Final Blades are named and often seem to have personalities of their own.

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Bright Gwynneth

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