Davik Nettles

NettlesDavik Nettles was a ferryman on the Shrike river to the east of the Green Heart. He plied his trade as a simple and honest man, living peacefully with the land, assuring safe passage across the river. Mainly trappers and woodmen, as well as the occasional peddler, Davik would share news and learn what was transpiring in other parts of the wilderness, and with a chuckle he’d ferry those across who paid coin. For those who had no coin, he often would trade service around his home – a few hours tending the garden, or chopping wood and passage was paid. In the end Nettles was fierce in his freedom and fairness to all who came to his crossing.

The Staglord didn’t share Nettle’s principles. After unsuccessfully attempting to extort Davik Nettles, the Staglord beat the man brutally and then drowned him in the Shrike at this own crossing. The Brutality of these actions and the fierce spirit that resided within the man caused Nettles to rise up as a vengeful wraith of retribution, a restless undead focused on repayment of the Staglord’s deeds in turn, but bound to the waterways of the Stolen Lands by the method of his murder.

In the end Nettles’ justice was fulfilled, in part by the actions of our heroes, with a little help from the River-rat they encountered on the Skunk River. After capturing the Staglord, and bringing him to the pier in Mudtown, Nettles clambored up from the water and called out for justice to be made right. As he shambled forward towards the captive Staglord, our heroes unceremoniously chucked the Staglord into the lake, and watched as he sank to the bottom, drowning. As this happened, Nettles seemed to turn to water, he splashed on the pier and joined the Staglord in the watery grave.

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Davik Nettles

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