Exploring the Stolen Lands

Traveling and Exploring take time in the Stolen Lands. Here’s a quick breakdown of what those times look like.

Traveling Time time to cross a hex ..
Party Speed Plains All Other Terrain
15 feet 11 hours 16 hours
20 feet 8 hours 12 hours
30 feet 5 hours 8 hours
40 feet 4 hours 6 hours
50 feet 3 hours 5 hours
Exploring time to fully explore a hex ..
Party Speed Plains Forest/Hills Swamp
15 feet 3 days 4 days 5 days
20 feet 2 days 3 days 4 days
30 feet 1 day 2 days 3 days
40 feet half a day 1 day 2 days
50 feet half a day half a day 1 day


The above times will be modified by weather conditions, outlined below.

Flurries Movement Normal View Normal
Good Snow Movement Halved View Halved
Heavy Snow Movement to one quarter View to one quarter
Blizzard Movement Impossible View Impossible
Light Rain Movement Normal View Normal
Steady Rain Movement Normal View Halved
Heavy Rain Movement Halved View Halved
Downpour Movement to one quarter View to one quarter
Mists Movement Normal View Halved
Foggy Movement Halved View to 30 feet
Dense Fog Movement to one quarter View to 10 feet

Hired Exploration

Once we complete the first phase of the Adventure Path, you will be able to hire on low level adventuring parties to explore additional hexes, should you desire. They will be available for a build point cost, on a month by month basis. See the table below for costs.

Hired Exploration
Cost Hexes Explored Special
1 BP 10 Hexes None
3 BP 15 Hexes Explore 1 site per month, generate 1 hero per year
9 BP 20 Hexes Explore up to 3 sites per month,generate up to 3 heroes per year

Explore sites per month: The ability to explore and clear out sites discovered in hexes. Success determined by a percentile roll, all profits go to the adventuring party.

Heroes per year: The party will automatically generate heroes up to two thirds the level of the highest member of the party (main characters) each year. These heroes are considered vassals if granted estates by the kingdom, and can contribute to the kingdom. These heroes can also be utilized as secondary characters for Troupe Play.

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Exploring the Stolen Lands

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