Gaff's Story

You’ve discovered the abandoned village of Gaffton (hex A1), and explored the small wizard’s tower overlooking the village. You’ve learned from a journal there that it was a small settlement founded by a wizard turned necromancer named Gaff, and that he left the tower recently and headed east to research something that will change everything…

Update – A case of mistaken identity resulted in the near death of a travelling friar, from a monestary dedicated to Hanspur to the east — The party thought they had encountered Gaff. After returning the fellow to good health, he was sent to Oleg’s where he traded stories and what little goods he had. He has now established himself as a friar in the region and is currently looking for a place to set up a small home in the woods.

Update – Travelling north and east, you stumbled across an ancient Kellid burial cairn that someone had been into in the past six months. Invesitgation showed that there were in fact undead within – raised skeletons, likely of the original Kellids in the region. Pushing further into the tomb, you found a small necromantic workshop and signs of not so recent habitation.

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Gaff's Story

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