Jean Boisson

Jean-Rolland Boisson, Former Steward of the Household of the 16th Dutchy of Galt

Jean-Rolland was a masterful Household Steward for the Duke of the 16th Duchy; a staunch and proper man well versed in managing a household, it’s staff, and it’s ledgers. Jean-Rolland lived a life barely keeping his own fears in check, taking the nervous energy this created in him and focusing it towards his work. Having never married or raised a family due to the risk attributed to his position, he instead became dutiful and caring father figure for the household staff.

The night of the fire in the Manor House he took but three things he felt the world could not live without: A folio, his writing set, and a pocketwatch given to him by his father. The Folio contains Duke’s Family documents, outlining their holdings and wealth, in accordance with Galtish laws. The writing set is a masterfully crafted set of raven quills and inks from mystical Absolom. The Pocket watch has not worked for as long as Jean-Rolland has owned it, and stubbornly resists any attempts to fix it.

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Jean Boisson

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