Dwarf jemA dwarven tinker who has been traveling with Esther and Vlad, all the way from Ustalav. Jem has been a tinker and mender of broken things for decades, having lived on the road out of his wagon, traveling from village to village. He is a kind hearted fellow, often letting his want to see others succeed overshadow his own accomplishments.

He met Esther and Vlad traveling in Ustalav, a young couple on the road looking for a better life. They made a comfortable group, traveling the world, Esther mending clothes and helping as a lay healer, Vlad hunting game and working as muscle to keep potential harm at bay.

Having traveled north and east, the group was accosted by bandits and taken as slaves after setting fire to Jem’s wagon and their livelihood. Some quick work with a wire though allowed them to escape, and with Vlad’s natural afinity to the woods they kept ahead of their pursuers until meeting with your party.

Having been given the chance to potentially start anew, Jem and his two friends now travel to Oleg’s Trading post to see what fortune may have for them there.

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