Kingdom Building Rules

A major part of Tales form the Stolen Lands (the Kingmaker Adventure Path) is the creation of a kingdom. The rules supplied here describe how kingdoms are created and evolve, including the resources, improvements and towns within a kingdom. These rules are a work in progress, and we will default to the rules listed here when participating in the kingdom building portions of the game. Remember, these rules are an abstraction of what would actually happen when building a kingdom – they often defy logic and seem to just not make sense. Sometimes this is due to a need to keep things in a semblance of balance, sometimes its because these are intended to be simple and not take away from our time Role Playing. I ask that as we play with this we all respect each other and the game, and not abuse the system.

Note: Running a kingdom also involves raising, maintaining and leading armies against your kingdom’s enemies. Rules for these activities will be provided later, however items presented in these rules are useful to help your kingdom’s military.

Kingdom Phases

The kingdom building portion of the Kingmaker game consists of a kingdom turn which encompasses one month of time in the game world. During the kingdom turn there are 5 Kingdom Phases that determine what happens with the kingdom during that month or kingdom turn:

1) Upkeep
2) Improvement
3) Income
4) Research
5) Events

Click each phase to learn more about what occurs within each.

There are a number of things that can be done on the macro (hex) as well as the micro (town, laws) level during each kingdom turn. From conquering a new hex and installing farms and roads, to building a sawmill and university in a city, the possibilities are literally anything you can imagine. I’ve linked additional information to help with these endeavors below.

Establishing a Kingdom
Kingdom Terms and Concepts
Hex Improvements
Town Improvements
Leadership Roles

Note: These rules are taken primarily from the Kingmaker adventure path, along with the Jon Baker Enterprises supplement: Guide to the River Kingdoms, as well as with input and suggestions from the myriad of amazing GMs and players who participate on the Paizo Forums Kingmaker adventure path forum.

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Kingdom Building Rules

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