Lady Jasmine Cynthiana

Elves lady cynthiana A noble from Kyonin, Lady Cynthiana is a relative mystery. She’s the primary backer of the research team, providing both monies and resources as needed to Saarin and Keronna. This is to assure that they be able to investigate what is necesary to uncover more of what mysteries may be found from a more accurate translation of “The Song of Black Gwynneth”.

Lady Cynthiana has complete faith in the abilities of Saarin and Keronna, though the two may not share her enthusiasm. She feels that these two are destined for greatness and she will do everything in her power to enable their arc to greatness.

Quest Information
Lady Cynthiana has brokered an agreement with the Green Council to grant them 5 BP of resources at the founding, with 5 BP to be donated later (upon discovery of 5 lost elven sites), under the condition the elves are given free reign to explore and investigate the environs of the Green Heartlands as they seek out these lost elven sites.

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Lady Jasmine Cynthiana

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