Madame Cassandra Giovesse

Madame cassandraCassandra Gioviessii was the owner and madame of The Slyph, the brothel in Mudtown, below The Green Heart. Hailing from Mivon, she knew of the Staglord in his younger years. After hearing that the Staglord had established a foothold in the wilds, she gathered her girls, and her security boys, and set out for The Green Heart.

Mudtown turned out to be less than she expected, but new places always seemed to have a way of working out like that. Nothing that she couldn’t turn around and make into a nice profit for herself and her girls.

After meeting our heroes, she realized that the winds of fate had changed. With the toppling of the Staglord, a power vaccume presented itself, and she was just the woman to step in and return The Green Heart to it’s past glory. Bargaining with the heroes she secured their backing in running the town. Once the Staglord was brought to justice, and the remaining slavers scattered into the wilderness, she immediately turned the brothel into a hospital to tend the wounded and sick of the emancipated freemen of Mudtown. She has appointed Bors, her head of security as the town constable and is working tirelessly with the people to provide proper housing for those who wish to make the place into something great again.

Interestingly, nearly all the former slaves have decided to stay at The Green Heart instead of returning to their villages and hamlets.

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Madame Cassandra Giovesse

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