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Welcome heroes, to the Tales from the Stolen Lands campaign. Here you will find the collected knowledge of the realm, as interpeted by you and your fellow citizens. Please browse these archives at your leisure, more will be appearging as we create the history of this soon to be proud nation!

Adventure Timeline Month: October Year: 4713

Our Heroes began their journey in March of 4713 AR, Traveling to and taming the Stolen Lands near Oleg’s Trading post at the behest of Lady Nikka Svetlanna. The Green Heartland, The Lands of Drelev, and The Barony of Varn were all founded in early June of 4713 AR. The Green Council returned to their lands and proceeded in establishing their domain, and repairing the Green Heart in August of 4713. It is currently the month of September, 4713 AR, the first year of the Sovereign Rule of the Green Council.


The Green Council

Ruler Ser Tellen, Paladin of Cayden Cailean
Master of the Commons The Oracle Simbala
Marshal Ser Falkrag, Bulwark of the Glade
Treasurer Oleg Leveton
Constable Baroness Shirn of the Dancing Blades Magister .
Grand Diplomat Baroness Wren, the Wit’s Foil Royal Executioner ..
High Justicar .. Spymaster ..
High Priest Father Mordirien Steward Jean Boisson
Master Builder Adjunct Professor Wendel, the Emerald Vizier Verderer Tiressa of the Green (Dryad)

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Kingmaker Players Guide – Brevoy
Kingmaker Players Guide – Races in Brevoy
Kingmaker Players Guide – Classes in Brevoy
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The Stolen Lands

The Stolen Lands
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The River Kingdoms

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