Nikka Svetlana

Nikka svetlana

The Crimson Sword, Nikka Svetlana, Swordlord of Restov

A red haired maiden, called The Crimson Sword, she earned her lordship after defeating her cousin, The Blade of Sky, in a duel to the death not 2 months past. She is a friendly and easy going woman, as likely to buy a round at the ale house as to unleash her legendary with temper.

Trained at the Aldori Academy of Blades, she became a swordswoman of great reknown in Restov, leaving a trail of wounded and dead students and instructors both. Nikka recently claimed the title of Swordlord, though she seems more and more over her head when it comes to court politics as the weeks go by.

The reasons for the challenge to her cousin are common enough in the taverns or Restov, and run the gambit of a lover spurned, a plan to be cloistered, failed murder attempts, and the gleaming promise of riches and wealth. Those that know the true reasons for the duel are keeping tight lipped, and few seem willing to risk The Crimson Sword’s temper by asking her directly.

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Nikka Svetlana

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