Oleg and Svetlana

Svetlana levtonsOleg and Svetlana are the proprietors of Oleg’s Trading Post, an old border fort in The Stolen Lands. Oleg purchased the property and rights of operation of the fort 2 years ago in the hopes of leaving the bustle of the big city of Restov and living inthe serenity and peace of the wilderness.

He and his sweetheart Svetlana married quickly after securing the property and loaded up a cart with what supplies they thought they would need and headed off into the Stolen Lands. Initally it was hard for the both ofd them, however with hard work they’ve managed to create a comfortable life for themselves, trading with trappers as they pass through, and the occasional peddler or merchant.

This all went well until the past few monthe when a group of local bandits started extorting Oleg and Svetlana for “protection” againts local thugs and rogues.

Oleg is a somewhat gruff fellow but firecely dedicated to his wife. Svetlana is a lighthearted young woman, often found singing to songbirds and smiling at the daisies as they peek out of the spring grass.

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Oleg and Svetlana

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