As the Tales for the Stolen Lands campaign will span years, we’ll all have some time to sink into doing things around the Kingdom. From founding cities and raising armies, ruling over the people of the realm, to crafting mundane and magical items, and researching the secrets in the wilds, there are many options avialable. As such, I’m implementing a research mechanic to help us make the discovering of the secrets in the Stolen Lands a bit more compelling.

Since you will be discovering the secret lore behind artifacts and the sites of lost civilizations, histories long lost and forgotten, this is the kind of thing that will take some time. As a character spends more time doing research, they will get closer and closer to a discovery (Each month of research adds a +1 to their research roll), but the system is setup to allow for brilliant flashes of insight or understanding as well (exploding crits on research checks).

Step 1 – Resolve any research rolls from the previous month: First anyone who is currently researching something can attempt to make a research check to see if they have learned something new.

Step 2 – Reveal any new discoveries: Any new discoveries granted by new research successes are revealed.

Step 3 – Assign persons to research topics: Assign any player characters to researching topics. Remember this is a full time job and can only be done in conjunction (shared) with the bare minimum of kingdom building duties. You cannot adventure, create items, undergo diplomatic missions, etc while performing research.

Research mechanic:
A player character can devote time to research, allowing them to unlock secrets of artifacts, sites, histories, or the region of the Stolen Lands. At the end of each month, a character who has spent at least one month previous researching a topic can make a Research Check on their topic of research. Monthly bonuses are cumulative.

Research Check: D20 + Int bonus + research bonus

For each full month of time that a player is devoted to research they gain a net +1 research bonus to a research check. A character devoted to research is assumed to be spending at least 10 hours a day in research, and cannot work on additional tasks during this time such as crafting or other time consuming endeavors. The only exception to this is if a character holds an office for Kingdom building on the small council. If this is the case, it is assumed that the character is spending only what time is absolutely necessary with the small council helping administer the kingdom, and is then going immediately back to their research.

Note: A character can only research one topic at a time. If a character stops researching topic 1 and starts researching topic 2, they do not loose the research accumulated on the first topic. However, switching between multiple topics often may have detrimental side effects which will be determined by the GM.

There are two feats that one can take to help them with research, listed below.

Feat: Research Scholar – Your time spent researching has given you a knack for finding information. You gain a +2 to all Research checks. This feat can be taken once between 5th and 10th, once between 10th and 15th, and once between 15th and 20th, and stacks.

Feat: Doctorate of Research – You have spent a great amount of time researching the mysteries of Golarion. As such, you now add ⅓ of your level (rounded up) to any research checks you make. Prerequisites: Research Scholar, level 10.

Site / building bonuses: There are certain buildings that can be built, such as universities, libraries, and monasteries that will provide an additional bonus to a research check made if the character spends the month researching in that city or location.
Library: +1
University: +2
Monastary: +1

Research topics that are currently available:

Research Topic Researcher Current Bonus
Research – The History of the Stolen Lands Wendel +5
Research – The Stone Circles
Research – The Trapped Druid Site
Research – The Hedge Maze
Research – The Green Heart
Research – The Temple of the Bear Falkragg +5
Research – The Statue of Erastil
Research – The Broken Machine
Research – The Clockwork Orbs Professor Heinrich +5
Research – The Trap that killed Blackturd, Wendel, and Wren
Research – The Unique Chest located in the trap
Research – The Dream Prison
Research – The Lost Temple of Serenrae
Research – The Elven Ruins to the Southeast
Research – The Monsetary to the East
Research – Lady Rhoswyn and the Carnival of Tears

Note: Additional topics can be researched if you think of something you’d like to look into.

Research topics that have been unlocked (full or partial)

The Ancient Kellid Language (Grants a +1 on research checks) Complete (Wendel)

1) Upkeep
2) Improvement
3) Income
4) Research
5) Events

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