Squire Laurent Chastel

Nephew of the former Duke of the 16th Dutchy of Galt

Squire laurentLaurent was a squire to the household of the Duke of the 16th Dutchy, and rather thankful to still have his head attached to his body. A young man of 16, he was eagerly looking forward to competing in the tournaments of the 16th Dutchy in the coming summer, to earn his spurs and knighthood. This all changed the fateful night the mob arrived with torches and blood in their heads, leaving the Manor house a smoking ruin.

Knowing that his life was forfeit should he stay in Galt (and likely the lives of the others who stowed away in the wagons that fateful night), he urged the refugees to flee northward as opposed to face the Mob’s Justice. Few agreed to his proposal, and barely a handful made it as far as Restov, among them the Oracle Simbala, Master Jean-Rolland Boisson, Marie-Therese – a former household maid, and an old mare named Quintain.

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Squire Laurent Chastel

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