The Gala

At the celebration of The Founding of the Colonies you were able to hob-nob with many Rostlander and Restovian power players, securing additional contracts, resources, and alliances with members present.

Among those present were:

The Varnling Host
Varnling maegar Varnling holly Varnling caspar morrarion Varnling cephal lorentus Varnling willas gunderson

Baron Drelev and the Iron Wraiths
Drelev baron drelev Drelev paverra stroon drelev Drelev imekus stroon Drelev lord numesti

Brevic Royalty
Noble lander lebeda Noble lady lebeda Noble baron medvyed Noble baroness muriel Noble reginald orlovsky Noble bernadette orlovsky Noble count mendez Noble countess mendez Noble lady falki Noble lady brynhildr

Swordlord brinian fenn Swordlord jarmandi gasten Swordlord thorgen rusk

Guild Leaders
Guild agnar elkheart Guild astrid book Guild bjorn the brewer Guild braggi the smith Guild gwynneth weaver Guild phinn the scribbler

Persons of Note
Quintessa maray Ser hrodgar the spear of rostland Pathfinder sasha dvore Pathfinder tarik valkem Father eras stone Father martin hallows

The Grand Academy of Kyonin Research Team
Elves lady cynthiana Elves sarin sevenarches Elves keronna dawnsong Elves lew summerwine Elves ilario lorelei

Dwarves of the Twelvehammers Clan
Dwarf torum oakheart Dwarf jaarl the hammer Dwarf finneas stout Dwarf gunny deadeye Dwarf bright gertie Dwarf ingrid oakheart

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The Gala

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