The Twins Orlovsky

The Orlovsky twins have come to visit the Green Heartlands! They wish to be shown what life is like on the frontier, learn what they can about the surrounding lands, and have a good time in the country.

The following conditions must be met:

  • The twins must be catered to in a manner befitting their station – complete
  • Taken on a hunting, camping, and fishing trip with members of the Green Council – partial
  • Given a tour of the chartered lands – partial
  • Brought on an official exploration trip

Completion: This quest is presently ongoing.

Reward: – Your willingness to make inroads with Reginald and Bernadette has caused the twins to become friendly to the Green Council and the people of the Green Heartlands. The twins’ influence may also have a larger effect on the Orlovsky family in the years to come. Due to the amount of fun they had in the Green Heartlands, they have decided to make a personal donation to your cause from their own funds and are supplying you with a BP grant. The size of the grant is dependent on the level of fun they had on their visit.

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The Twins Orlovsky

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