Ulaf Craggonhelm

Ulaf craggonhelmUlaf Craggonhelm, Lordship of Restov, Master of the Iron Scales, Thrice Harrowed, and Bulwark of Free men.

Ulaf Craggonhelm is the gruff Lord of Restov, going on in years but still sharp and focused on keeping his city and its citizens free from Issian opression. Descended from some of the last tribes to bend the knee to the Dragon Conquerer, his family has bred very pure of its barbarian heritage. Standing an imposing 6 feet, Ulaf’s bright blue eyes and dirty blonde hair mark a face scarred from axe and sword, creased from running a city.

Ulaf has many titles, among them Master of the Iron Scales, a long held office granted in conjuction with assuming lordship of the City. The Iron Scales are a symbol of Restov’s enduring commitment to the freedom of its citizens, and it’s respect for justice. The scales themselves were said to have been forged at the city’s founding, as a means by which to help maintain justice and civility amongst the citizens.

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Ulaf Craggonhelm

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