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Textile Markup Language is the code you will work in when creating content for this site.

To create a page, I’ve found it easiest to edit the page you want to link from with the code for a link. The Syntax is on the sideboard to the right. 2 square open brackets, the name of the page you want to make, a verticle bar, and the name you want the link to show, then 2 square close brackets.

Once that is in place (save changes), look at the page. Your new link shows in red. That means that the link exists but the page does not. to create the page, click the link and you will be taken to the create new page editor.

I ask that all pages include the following:
- a horizontal line to denote the bottom of the page – less than sign, h, r, greater than sign
- a link to the Main Page at the bottom – Square bracket, square bracket, Main Page, square bracket, square bracket

Viewing the tutorials for the site also explain very well how to use it.

Im including a link to the Wikipedia entry for Textile for reference.

Textile on Wikipedia

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