The Founding of the Green Heartlands…

The green heartlands charter

Having dispatched the dreaded Stag Lord and his nefarious minions at the Ruin of the Green Heart, and having liberated Hookmire, Mudtown, Oleg’s Trading post, and the environs of the Green Belt of the scourge of Banditry, our heroes have returned to Restov to report their findings with their Sponsor Nikka Svetlana, the Crimson Blade.

In Restov, our heroes saved Nikka and many of her staff from certain demise at the hands of a Wicked Satyr and his Bramble goons, fought and won part of a tournament being held by a rather displeased Baron Drelev, Made friends, allies, and enemies, and were awarded the lands they explored to settle, nurture, and grow.

We pick up with our heroes as they leave Restov, returning to their newly christened Green Heartlands, to Forge their Kingdom in these continuing Tales from the Stolen Lands

To Forge A Kingdom

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