Atheris of Kyonin known as Leaf


Atheris is a young dragon, but growing in size quickly.


Leaf spends most of his time in human form as a middle-aged man with a noble and cultured way about him. His greying black hair is long and falls down his back, and he wears the robes and cloak of a noble, made of expensive green material with jade and emeralds accentuating it. He carries a simple walking cane with him, but little else.


Atheris (known as “Leaf”) son of Athervox daughter of Gartheris of Clan Virid

Just over a decade ago, Athervox, an old green dragon residing in Cheliax produced three eggs at her observatory in the Whisper Woods. During that time, she had been working with astronomers of House Thrune. When they departed suddenly, two of her eggs went missing. While she doesn’t believe the House Thrune agents were responsible, events of that night are still a mystery.

One of her eggs came into the hands of a merchant on Lake Encarthan, who in turn delivered it to a Bronze dragon she knew on the shores of Kyonin. Nyramas by name, the Bronze allowed the green dragon to hatch and decided to attempt to foster him. Taking the simple name of Leaf, he spent his first four years with Nyramas, and while her fosterage did prove to keep him from falling into evil, he did not follow the path of goodness that she had hoped. Interest in his origins drove him to leave Kyonin. It took another four years before he discovered his lineage from an ancient Green dragon scholar named Berethran, who was able to consult the Obelisks of Destiny which record every dragon birth. Upon the discovery, Leaf took the name Atheris in honor of his mother and grandsire.

Now a decade old, Atheris travelled north, desiring as all Greens do to pursue scholarly study and to find a wood or forest to claim as his domain. This led him to the Stolen Lands and the Narlmarches. For the past few months, he has quietly been observing events in the area and has taken note of a group of adventurers who, he has discovered, are chartered to settle the area from a noble in Restov. Seeing the successes they have had, he knows that any attempt to establish a domain so near to where they are working will prove difficult if downright deadly without careful consideration.

As he is not particularly evil, Atheris decided on a more diplomatic course of action. He travelled to Restov to speak with the noble responsible for the charter. He revealed who he was to her and his intent to establish a domain in the Narlmarches. Wishing for peaceful accord, he offered her a deal. He will join her agents in their charter and provide any support he can to their endeavour and to see her plans successful. In return, he wishes only that he be given guardianship over the forest in the future, after the charter has been fulfilled, where he will continue a peaceful and mutually beneficial alliance with the newly formed community the chartered adventurers are attempting to create.


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