Bors LaRouche

Bors laroucheBors LaRouche was a soldier for hire in Mivon for many years. He saw many campaigns with various lords and knights, but never aspired to command or lead. Bors preferred to keep low, fight among the men on the lines, and live – he shunned such duties as carrying a company’s standard.

LaRouche was riding with The Blackbriar Company the day he met Cassandra Gioviessii, a prisoner of a wicked hag Zoraida who lived in the marshes northeast of the capital. When they set upon the hag’s camp, it was a slaughter. The men were no match for Zoraida’s black magics, and though Bors stood before her defiant, sword and shield raised among the corpses of the Blackbriar Company, he saw in the hag’s foul visage his own end.

Had not Cassandra taken up the Hag’s axe, and cleaved the awful monster in two, Bors would have be a toad, or a worm, or something worse (until Zoraida plucked him up and threw him in her stew pot). As fate would have it though, Bors and Cassandra were the only ones left after the Blackbriar massacre, and thus began a long and powerful relationship the still honor to this day.

Knowing that eventually the massacre site would be discovered, and blame placed on Bors and Cassandra, they melted into society’s underbelly, and began using their combined wiles to climb out of the wreckage. Bors owes his life to Madame Cassandra and treats her with an almost godlike reverence because of it.

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Bors LaRouche

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