To Baron Drelev

Barron Drelev,

As it pleases the Mother of Souls, our Lady of Fate, and Lady of Graves I bid you greetings in hopes this letter finds you, the infinitely lovely and graceful Lady Stroon-Drelev, and your companions safe, healthy and prosperous. May Pharasma and her infinite guidance of fate always favor you and the Lands of Drelev.

The purpose of this writing, beyond wishes of good tidings, is to extend my personal regrets for potential unintentional offenses you may have suffered when the Lady of Fate first blessed me with the good portion to make your acquaintance in Brevoy. Though numerous, the diplomacy, patience and grace with which you endured these inadvertent slights made evident to me the good judgment and character of your personage that inspired this letter. In hopes that the “insert name of whatever he calls his Barony/gov’ment here” and the Green Council develop a long, true and mutually prosperous relationship I have taken it upon myself to address and attempt to reconcile any perceived misdeeds.

In my travels outside of my homeland of Kyonin I have often found myself immersed in the society and culture of persons who are not my own. It has made itself evident to me a certain effort on my part must be maintained to stay mindful that I am no long in the elven courts of my homeland. I find it a personal failing that at times I have allowed this maintenance to lapse. I must admit that this personal lapse is perhaps the cause for any perceived unpleasantness that was allowed to occur while in Brevoy.

To the first unfortunate incidence I must accept full personal responsibility. I often forget that most of my companions are of considerably shorter-lived species than I, and the rest are of mixed heritage and lack the benefit of being reared in the environs of a longer-lived species. As such, I should have been more mindful to the potential misgivings their participation in the Tournament of Iron may have engendered. Though their shorter vision and search for immediate thrills may have lead them to their participation, I should have been cognizant of the future, more long-term consequences their participation may have had and wise enough to counsel them against participation. For this failing I plead your grace and forgiveness, and hope your wisdom will allow you to fault me alone and not bear any unwarranted animosity to the Green Council, your neighbor, or the good persons of the Stolen Lands.

To the second instance of potential misgivings, involving young Peter Archery Champion of the Tournament of Iron, I again must offer my full and personal responsibility. Meeting the young lad after his remarkable performance in the tournament I made polite conversation with the youth. During those pleasantries the topic of formal archery training under guidance of one of the many Kyonin Academies was breached. I believe the young man may have misunderstood my discussion of the topic of training as a formal invitation. Honestly the lad has demonstrated an unusually strong interest in almost anything Elven in nature, which I choose to believe is the source of this misunderstanding (though I must admit the possibility that the young man is shrewder than I perceive and has gained himself and education at my expense).

In any case I again must accept full and personal responsibility for this incident and any perceived indignities you have endured because of it. In good faith to the young man I have, with the gracious assistance of Lady Cynthiana of The Grand Academy of Kyonin, sent a formal offer to hire an Elven Archery Scholar to come to the Green Heartlands at my personal expense to train young Peter. If I am able to secure such a trainer, in hopes of rectifying this unfortunate circumstance I would like to offer you the opportunity to send one of your aspiring archers to partake in this training once the Scholar is available. When a Scholar has been secured I will send you notification at which time you may avail this training to one of your followers if you so choose. Knowing in advance that such arrangements often take considerable time to secure, I have also sent an offer along to my homeland to hire an elven archer for your company at your standard wage, to be fully and completely covered by my personal expense. If a wise young archer avails themselves of this exciting privilege I shall also notify you at once, and upon your acceptance send the archer to serve you for the term of one year.

To the last indiscretion, my short and wholly unprovoked behavior during our discussion at The Gala to Celebrate the Founding of the Colonies, I again must offer my deepest personal apology. As I mentioned previously, I sometimes falter in my efforts to stay mindful that I am no longer in the social graces of my homeland. Though the immensely important and influential role of a dignitary’s spouse is fully recognized and appreciated among my people, it would generally be consider inappropriate for a spouse to interject their criticism into a conversation between a dignitary and one of their peers in such a gathering. I again allowed my cultural insensitivity to have an adverse and counterproductive influence. My most sincere and deepest apology for not staying mindful that what may be considered uncouth in the courts of Kyonin and among my people may be perfectly acceptable in present circumstances, as well as my short and unwarranted behavior I allowed it to provoke in me. In hopes of repairing any perceived indignities, I would like to extend to you, your lovely and gracious spouse, as well as a small contingent of your men an invitation to be my personal guests at next year’s Festival of Independence here at the Green Heart. Of course, our best accommodations will be made available to you and your party in hopes that we, as neighbors, may bond and form a true and lasting friendship that will serve both are fledgling colonies for all times.

May the blessing of the Mother of Souls, our Lady of Fate, Lady of Graves, the Well of Life and Judge of All, Pharasma and her infinite guidance of fate always favor you and Lands of Drelev.

Humbly yours,
Mordirien Mabrinden

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